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August 18, 2017
6:47 AM

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Prices Cash or check (Driver License ID required) only.
Adult $70.00
Senior $30.00 ages 65 and older
Junior $25.00 13, 14 and 15

2017 Season Beach Badges
Seasonal Beach Badge(s)  may be purchased ONLY at Third Avenue and Cliff Avenue Badge Booth
on weekdays from to 10 am to 2 pm.  

Daily Beach Badge(s) may be purchased at all Badge Booths on weekends from 8:45 to 4:30 pm 

Cash or check only! No mail transactions. 
Make checks payable to: The Borough of Bradley Beach
Adults (16-64) $70.00
Seniors (65 & up) $30.00
Juniors (13, 14 & 15)  $25.00
Daily Badges $8.50 per person
Beach Badge Information during Summer Season 732 776-2999 ext 3304
Badges are required on weekends starting Memorial Day Weekend, (May 27, 2017).
Lifeguards are on duty 9 AM until 5 PM on weekends starting May 27, 2016 through June 11, 2017.  Daily beginning June 17, 2017 through Labor Day (September 4, 2017).
Food and beverages are permitted on the beach. No alcohol, open fires permitted.
Smoking Restrictions at beach and beachfront areas: No person shall smoke a cigarette, cigar or other tobacco product in the beachfront area at any time. Beachfront Area shall mean all public areas including but not limited to boardwalk areas, access ramps, grass areas, sidewalk areas, paver areas, areas leased to third parties and other areas subject to the control or jurisdiction of the Borough of Bradley Beach east of the easterly curb line along Ocean Avenue in Bradley Beach.  No person shall smoke a cigarette, cigar or other tobacco product on any beach area proper from 9am through 7pm on any day through and including the dates of May 1 and Septebmer 30 of any year. 
The beach is accessible to those who use wheelchairs at both Newark and Second Avenue, chairs are available for people with disabilities.
Fishing allowed on beach jetties at Lake Terrace, Park Place, Brinley and Second Avenues at the discretion of lifeguards.
Surfing is allowed at the Third Avenue Beach.
Public Restrooms Newark, LaReine, Third and Evergreen Avenues. Showers are located on the beach.
Changing Rooms are located and Cliff and Third Avenues.
Bicycles are allowed from Midnight until 10 AM during the beach season.

Seeing Eye dogs, guide dogs or other guide animals are permitted.
Other animals are not permitted on the boardwalk, promenade, walkways or any public land located east of the curb on Ocean Avenue May 1st through September 15th.
However, September 16th through April 30th, dogs and other domestic leashed animals are permitted to cross over the boardwalk, promenade and walkways soley for the purpose of gaining access to the public beach area. Any such animal must be taken directly onto the public beach area. Dogs and other domestic animals may be unleashed at the beach but must be accompanied by the owner or the owner’s representative.

Picturesque though they are, coastal sand dunes and Dune Grass serve a more important purpose than beauty. Dunes act as flexible barriers to ocean storm surges and waves, protect low-lying areas, catch wind blown sand aiding in the prevention of beach erosion, and may provide a habitat for animals and birds. DUNE GRASS is very weak. If you step on it, the whole plant will die. With this in mind, while you are enjoying our beaches, please do not touch the Dune Grass. Thank you.

Parking Pay Stations on the east side of Ocean Avenue are in effect starting May 20th  through September 10th.  Cost $1.50 per hour.
Parking is free on the west side of Ocean Avenue.

The beachfront has food concessions.
The Miniature Golf Course is located at Ocean Park Avenue. Phone 732 776-2404.

PHONE: 732-776-2999 FAX: 732-775-1782

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