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Borough Clerk/Administrator

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Department: Borough Clerk/Administrator

  • General
    • Do I have to license my dog?
      Yes, you must register and license your dog at the age of 7 months or which possesses a set permanent teeth. If you have a license with another municipality in New Jersey which has not expired, you should file a copy with the Borough Clerk's Office. Please note that the Borough's Licensing year is January 1st through December 31st.

      Anyone who brings any dog licensed in another State or an unlicensed dog should immediately contact the Borough Clerk's office for information.

      In order to register your dog, proof of rabies vacination is required which must be valid for ten months (January through October) of our licensing year.
      Renewals are due during the month of January-we cannot accept renewal applications and fees until after January 1st.
      Service Dogs including Seeing-Eye or Hearing Ear are exempt from license fees. 

      $8.20 Neutered or Spayed
      $11.20 Non-neutered or Spayed

      Late Fee effective March 1st $10.00
      Cash or check only