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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The Borough of Bradley Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


Click the link above to view and print the employment application. 


Borough Administrator



As Director of the Department of Administration, reports directly to the Mayor in the Small Municipality Form of government under the Faulkner Act, performs high-level administrative, technical, and professional work in directing and supervising the administration of Borough Government. The Borough Administrator shall be chosen solely on the basis of administrative experience or his or her knowledge of accepted practice in respect to responsibilities of the office as set forth below.


Assist the Mayor in supervising and directing all departments of the Borough and shall specifically oversee the following offices and divisions, as well as provide support services for the Mayor and Borough Council:


  • Office of Personnel

  • Office of Borough Attorney

  • Office of Borough Engineer

  • Municipal Court

  • Free Public Library

  • Public Defender


Manage and supervise all departments and offices of the Borough to achieve goals within available resources; plan and organize workloads and staff assignments; train, motivate and evaluate assigned staff; review progress and direct changes as needed. Provide leadership and direction in the development of short- and long-range plans; gather, interpret, and prepare data for studies, reports and recommendations; coordinate department activities with other departments and agencies as needed. Provide professional advice to the Mayor, Borough Council, and department heads; make presentations to boards, commissions, civic groups and the general public. Communicate official plans, policies and procedures to staff and the general public. Assure that assigned areas of responsibility are performed within budget; perform cost control activities; monitor revenues and expenditures in assigned areas to assure sound fiscal control; assist the Mayor and Council in the preparation and adoption of annual budget; assure effective and efficient use of budgeted funds, personnel, materials, facilities, and time.


Bachelor’s Degree required from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in public administration, political science, business management or a closely related field and five years’ experience as a municipal manager. Master’s Degree and/or CPM preferred. Knowledgeable in modern policies and practices of public administration, working knowledge of municipal finance, human resources, public works, public safety, and community development. Skilled in preparation and administration of a municipal budget; able to plan, direct and administer municipal programs.


Please submit your resume and letter of interest to by Thursday, June 10, 2021. Interviews will be conducted immediately.


The Borough of Bradley Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer



The Grant Coordinator will identify and apply for various grants that meet the organization’s needs,
overseeing the grant application process from beginning to end.
 Research various types of grants available and the criteria to qualify for each.
 Discusses available sources of funding with administrative managers.
 Compiles necessary information for the application process through collaboration with other
employees, database research, and other factfinding actions and meetings.
 Drafts and completes grant applications according to application requirements.
 Ensures grant is submitted on time and within application parameters.
 Completes all documents, forms, or reports required by the grant.
 Coordinates the monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects that are funded by grants.
 Develops and maintains master files on grants and paperwork connected to programs funded
by grants.
 Performs other related duties as assigned.
Required Skills/Abilities:
 Thorough understanding of local, state, and federal funding sources and the ability to locate
potential sources for funding.
 Thorough understanding of grant funding policies and procedures and applicable local, state,
and federal regulations.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Thorough understanding of effective grant writing techniques.
 Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
 Extremely organized and meticulous with details.
 Excellent project management skills and ability to prioritize work and resources.
 Ability to meet deadlines.
 Ability to interpret financial data and prepare budgets and financial grant reports.
 Ability to be discreet with personal information that may be needed for some grants such as
employee salaries or upcoming projects.
Education and Experience:
 Bachelors degree in related field required.
 At least three years of experience in grant writing experience highly preferred.
Salary Range is $10,000 - $35,000 and final offer will be dependent upon experience & qualifications.
Please submit your resume and letter of interest to by Friday, April 9,
2021.  Interviews will be conducted via Zoom or in person.
The Borough of Bradley Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Borough of Bradley Beach is seeking a motivated individual responsible for the Division of Recreation to plan, coordinate, promote, organize, and administer a comprehensive recreation service and manage park functions. Preferred candidates shall possess a bachelor’s degree in parks and/or recreation management, public administration, or related field, and have some experience in recreation work for a comparable organization, municipality, or county. Applicants must possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and excellent written, verbal, and computer skills. Evening and weekend hours will be required to facilitate meetings, programs, and events. 
No e-mail or telephone inquiries. 
Salary Range is $5,500 - $35,000 and final offer will be dependent upon experience & qualifications.
Please submit your resume and letter of interest to by Friday, April 9, 2021 by 12:00pm. 
The Borough of Bradley Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer