Bradley Beach

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How Do I? ... FAQ's

How Do I? ... FAQ's

  • General
    • Where are Bradley Beach Court Sessions held?

      All sessions are held at:
      Bradley Beach Municipal Complex
      701 Main Street
      Bradley Beach, NJ 07720

      Phone: 732 776-2999 ext 1045

    • Where do I pay Court fines?

      Bradley Beach Municipal Court is located at:
      701 Main Street
      Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
      Phone: 732 776-2999 ext 1045

      Please list the ticket/summons number on your check or money order and make payable: Bradley Beach Municipal Court.

      If you wish to pay a parking or traffic ticket on-line, you do so by going to
      When paying on-line, you will need to have the ticket and plate number available.

  • Beach
    • Are Alcoholic Beverages permitted at the beach?

      NO person shall bring or consume any beer, wine or other intoxicating liquors on the beachfront, in the waters or on the boardwalk or promenade except by permission of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Bradley Beach.

    • Are bicycles, skates, skateboards etc permitted at the beachfront?

      No person or persons shall ride bicycles, skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds or any other motor vehicles of any type on the promenade, or any of the public land located east of Ocean Avenue unless in official capacity of the municipality. However, bicycles may be ridden on the promenade or public land between the hours of 12 midnight and 10am from May 15 through September 15. During September 16 through May 14, only bicycles may be ridden on the promenade at any time.

      These regulations do not apply to any carts used to assist the handicapped

    • Are dogs allowed on the beach?

      No dogs or animals are permitted to be on the boardwalk, promenade, walkways of any public land located east of the easterly most curb on Ocean Avenue. 
      The prohibitions shall not apply to Seeing Eye dogs, guide dogs or other guide animals.

      Dogs are allowed on the beach ONLY from October 1 through May 15. During this time, the dogs or other domestic animals may be unleashed at the beach but must be accompanied by the owner or the owner's representative. Any such animals must be taken directly onto the public beach area. During this time, solely for the purpose of gaining access to the public beach area, it shall be lawful for said animals to cross over the boardwalk, promenade, walkway and public area.

    • Can I have a barbecue at the Beach?

      No person shall, unless in an official capacity of the Borough possess, transport or store gasoline or other combustible materials on the beaches, boardwalk, promenade or the grass area east of the easterly curbline along Ocean Avenue.

    • Do I have to pay to park at the Beach?

      Yes, you are required to pay for parking on the entire east side of Ocean Avenue and the easterly end of Bradley Blvd. Please refer to numbered marking to enter into Pay stations for payment. There are ten pay stations located on Ocean Avenue and one pay staion at Sylvan Lake.

      The cost is $1.50 per hour.

      Hours 8am to 7pm from the Saturday of the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend to the Sunday after Labor Day Weekend.

      US coin or currency
      Credit Card
      MP2Park Cell Parking




    • Do I need a beach badge to use the beach?

      Yes, badges are required on weekends starting on Memorial Day weekend and daily starting in June on official opening of the beach through Labor Day.

      Season Beach Badges will be on sale daily weather permitting at both Third Avenue and Cliff Avenue Booths. Daily badges are available at all Booth locations.  

      Active Military (includes spouse & dependents) as well as veterans with any Military or County Veteran ID's issued are free.


      Adults $80.00
      Senior $30.00 ages 65 and older
      Junior $30.00 ages 13, 14 and 15

      Daily     $10.00 per person Ages 12 and under free

    • How do I obtain a Beach Locker?

         In order to obtain a beach locker you must contact Borough Hall at 732-776-2999 ext 1029. You will be  required to provide your name and telephone number and the beach location (street) you are requesting the locker be placed.  Your name will be placed on a list and once a locker is available you will be contacted by phone. The borough retains one list for each beach location. The borough requests your patience as these lists are quite lengthy. You may contact the borough at anytime to request your number placement on the list. The 2019 fee for a the first year locker is $535.00 and the renewal fee is $165.00. Please note these fees are subject to change. 

    • Where can I fish at the Beach?

      Between the Newark Avenue jetty and the Ocean Avenue outflow pipe, off the jetty if properly attired, along the jetties at the judgement of the Lifeguard Beach Captain.

Borough Clerk
  • General
    • Do I have to license my dog?

      Yes, you must register and license your dog at the age of 7 months or which possesses a set permanent teeth. If you have a license with another municipality in New Jersey which has not expired, you should file a copy with the Borough Clerk's Office. Please note that the Borough's Licensing year is January 1st through December 31st.

      Anyone who brings any dog licensed in another State or an unlicensed dog should immediately contact the Borough Clerk's office for information.

      In order to register your dog, proof of rabies vacination is required which must be valid for ten months (January through October) of our licensing year.
      Renewals are due during the month of January-we cannot accept renewal applications and fees until after January 1st.
      Service Dogs including Seeing-Eye or Hearing Ear are exempt from license fees. 

      $8.20 Neutered or Spayed
      $11.20 Non-neutered or Spayed

      Late Fee effective March 1st $10.00
      Cash or check only 

Public Works
  • Public Works
    • What causes Sewer Backups?
      Sewer collection lines get clogged. These clogs are often caused by fats or greases, paper, feminine sanitary items, disposable diapers, or other sanitary items such as tucks, hand wipes, cloth, wood or any materials which get caught in the line and plug it up.
    • What should not be flushed down the toilet?
      • Flammable or explosive liquids, solids or gases
      • Fats, oils or greases
      • Big chunks of garbage, sand, metals, wood, straw or grass, wastepaper, plastics, animal parts, glass, cat litter (including so called "flushable" cat litter), disposable diapers, sanitary products such as napkins, tampons (including tampon applicators), other bulky so called "disposable products such as tucks, hand wipes or similar items 
      • Corrosive substances which are either acidic or caustic
      • Any substance which is toxic to the treatment facilities or workers in the facilities
      • Dye wastes or tanning solutions
      • Anything radioactive
      • Materials from cesspools, privies, sump pump, cellar drains, area drains, roof leaders, downspouts and/or garbage or refuse disposal unit or any other system 
    • When is brush & yard waste pickup?

      Please refer to the Brush & Yard Waste schedule listed under Department to Public Works .

Tax & Sewer
  • Utilities
    • JCP&L - Who Owns What?

      JCP&L is responsible for the wires to your home or business, and for the meter. Please note that customers are responsible for the service connection to their homes, which is usually near the roofline of the house to keep it safely out of reach. If a tree breaks your service line (the line from your pole to your home), JCP&L will fix it. However, if the connection to a house is pulled away or knocked down, the customer must arrange for an electrician to fix that damage before service can be restored.