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Mayor's Online Office

Mayor's Online Office

Mayor Larry Fox
(Term of Office 1/1/2021 - 12/31/2024)


Since my retirement from Johnson & Johnson, I have been involved in civic, social, and political activities in Bradley Beach and Monmouth County.  In 2018, I became the Treasurer and Operations Director for a congressional campaign.  I oversaw finances for the campaign ($1.8 million dollars), set-up and managed campaign offices in 3 counties, and performed other important functions within the campaign.  In 2020, I was Co-Chair of the Complete Count Committee for Bradley Beach, NJ- an organization that promoted participation in the 2020 Census. I also do volunteer work for the Bradley Food Pantry and have continued to advise and mentor business professionals.


I am a retired (2015) Vice President of Network Management for the Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain.    My career spanned 39 years.  In my final role at J&J, I was responsible for developing and driving an integrated, long-term strategy for Johnson & Johnson’s internal and external manufacturing footprint. This included developing strategic recommendations that balanced all aspects of global plant utilization, business continuity, supply risk and market access.  

Prior to that role I was V.P. of Network and Manufacturing Strategy for the Medical Device & Diagnostics sector, Executive Director of Global Supply Chain for ETHICON, Inc., Plant Manager in the Somerville, NJ, and Manufacturing Superintendent responsible for suture manufacturing and sterilization in the San Angelo, Texas plant- also at ETHICON, Inc.  At the time, this was J&J’s largest facility in North America and second in size globally.

I started my career at J&J in the Consumer division working in the Finance; and after seven years transferred to a start-up- J&J Hospital Services.  From there, I transferred to ETHICON, Inc. as Plant Controller in the Texas facility.

I attended Monmouth University, where I also played basketball. I am a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Operations Management.  I attended and studied for an MBA at Fairleigh Dickinson University and in 2012 received a Health Care Policy Graduate Certification from Jefferson University.  I was also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. 


I have been married for over 40 years to my wife Ann Marie and have 3 children- Brian, Tim, and Megan, all married.  Ann Marie and I have 5 wonderful grandchildren.

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You may contact Mayor Fox
at 732-776-2999 Ext 1020

Email the Mayor at

Message to Residents:

Mayors message---April-
March was a big month- April is shaping up the same way!
We’ll start with Community Engagement. Congratulations to Greg Skelley- winner of the
Take the Pledge drawing. Over 300 families pledged to order “take-out” from our
restaurants during February and March. Greg won a $100 gift card for D’Arcy’s. Thanks to
all the generous participants. Our restaurants appreciated the business! Another BIG
success was our 2 nd annual Great Bradley Beach Food Pantry Pick-up, held on March 27 th - also
Spirit Day. Linda Curtiss tells me that over 3 tons of food was collected for those in need.
Great job- Bradley Beach!
We are actively preparing for another great beach season. The new and improved
playground on the Promenade is under construction- we should be ready for Memorial Day.
Our season beach badge sales continue to be brisk. We are looking at daily badge pricing
right now, along with a few new approaches we’ll be testing to make our beaches more
accessible. Last, BEACH LOCKERS- we have increased the number to near capacity level-
over 550! This has reduced our backlog by each beach location and our waiting list has been
Besides our continuing efforts to improve our beachfront, we have continued to put time
and effort into our Main Street strategy. We started having “business roundtables” with our
key business segments – food and restaurant, retail, and service. We started with the food
and restaurants on March 30 th . We received good affirmation on our strategy; and a number
of recommendations. With the extension of outdoor dining and tents this summer and into
2022, parking, an already vexing problem, has now become a significant barrier to their
success going into Spring and Summer. We’ll be working on solutions to this problem. We
may need to consider short-term and temporary options. This will be tough; and our
collective character as a community will be necessary.
We are in the process of completing our 2021 budget. We have had workshops on the
Beach and Sewer Utility. We hope to work through the Current Fund at our next two
Council meetings- April 13 th and 27 th . Stay tuned!
The COVID Pandemic continues to need our vigilance. The good news last month of our
cases dropping significantly has been somewhat reversed- from about 15 last month to
about 45 currently. Vaccination capacity is improving- keep trying to get signed up.

Thanks- Talk soon!