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Mayor's Online Office

Mayor's Online Office

Mayor Larry Fox
(Term of Office 1/1/2021 - 12/31/2024)


Since my retirement from Johnson & Johnson, I have been involved in civic, social, and political activities in Bradley Beach and Monmouth County.  In 2018, I became the Treasurer and Operations Director for a congressional campaign.  I oversaw finances for the campaign ($1.8 million dollars), set-up and managed campaign offices in 3 counties, and performed other important functions within the campaign.  In 2020, I was Co-Chair of the Complete Count Committee for Bradley Beach, NJ- an organization that promoted participation in the 2020 Census. I also do volunteer work for the Bradley Food Pantry and have continued to advise and mentor business professionals.


I am a retired (2015) Vice President of Network Management for the Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain.    My career spanned 39 years.  In my final role at J&J, I was responsible for developing and driving an integrated, long-term strategy for Johnson & Johnson’s internal and external manufacturing footprint. This included developing strategic recommendations that balanced all aspects of global plant utilization, business continuity, supply risk and market access.  

Prior to that role I was V.P. of Network and Manufacturing Strategy for the Medical Device & Diagnostics sector, Executive Director of Global Supply Chain for ETHICON, Inc., Plant Manager in the Somerville, NJ, and Manufacturing Superintendent responsible for suture manufacturing and sterilization in the San Angelo, Texas plant- also at ETHICON, Inc.  At the time, this was J&J’s largest facility in North America and second in size globally.

I started my career at J&J in the Consumer division working in the Finance; and after seven years transferred to a start-up- J&J Hospital Services.  From there, I transferred to ETHICON, Inc. as Plant Controller in the Texas facility.

I attended Monmouth University, where I also played basketball. I am a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Operations Management.  I attended and studied for an MBA at Fairleigh Dickinson University and in 2012 received a Health Care Policy Graduate Certification from Jefferson University.  I was also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. 


I have been married for over 40 years to my wife Ann Marie and have 3 children- Brian, Tim, and Megan, all married.  Ann Marie and I have 5 wonderful grandchildren.

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You may contact Mayor Fox
at 732-776-2999 Ext 1020

Email the Mayor at

Message to Residents:

Mayors message---February 2021

Happy February!  The month has come in with a bang!  The worst snowstorm in about 5 years.  We had a few hiccups; but as always, our DPW and Police departments came through and provided a great public service.  Many thanks.  Overlook the glitches – we are a very lucky community!

Everyone in our municipal government has been working very hard this past month.  For instance, our Finance group has been closing out the year and implementing a new payroll system that will streamline operations and provide accurate records going forward. 

Our record beach year in 2020 is looking like it is carrying into 2021.  Beach badge sales are brisk and have exceeded last year at this time.  We are looking at more options for badges to make them more accessible.

Our beach lockers continue to be very popular- and challenging.  We are increasing the number of lockers and are looking at ways to simplify and make our waiting list process fairer- stay tuned. 

Our Zoning and Code Teams are fully staffed.  This is more resource than we have ever applied to our land-use area.  Additionally, a small team has been working on improving our ordinances in this area.  This combination of capacity and fair and clear codes will hopefully take some of the complexity, anxiety, and worry out of the process.  It will not be perfect; but it will be better.  The code changes will be completed by mid-year, hopefully. 

We are trying to encourage our residents and visitors to use our Promenade, weather permitting, during the winter. Getting fresh air and exercise is important as we all know.

To support this activity, we have winterized our restrooms on LaReine and Ocean Avenue.  So no excuse- get out there and move!

We are continuing to put improvement plans in place for our beachfront, Main Street, and infrastructure that will keep us on a good path to the future.

The COVID Pandemic continues to be a threat.  We have almost 60 active cases in the Borough; and ask all of our residents to be vigilant.  At the same time, please TAKE THE PLEDGE to purchase at least once a week from one of our outstanding restaurants in town.

Details on the Borough website (Top right- Things to do tab- then open for business).

Thank you- 2021 is underway!