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Department: Recreation

Name Address Phone
Brown, II David, Business Administrator, MPA, QPA
Tel Brown, II David's732-776-2999 x1012 Fax 732 775-1782
Erica Kostyz, Borough Clerk/Registrar
Tel Erica Kostyz's732-776-2999 x1026 Fax 732-775-1782
Michele Whille, Deputy Clerk/Deputy Registrar
Tel Michele Whille's732-776-2999 x1029 Fax 732 775-1782
Borough Bradley Beach, Information
Tel Borough Bradley Beach's732 776-2999 x1010 Fax 732 775-1782
Elizabeth Hernandez, Grants Coordinator
Tel Elizabeth Hernandez's732-776-2999 x1054
Borough Council
Name Address Phone
Larry Fox, Mayor
701 MAIN ST, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Larry Fox's7327762999 x1020 Fax 732-775-1782
John Weber, Councilman
Tel John Weber's732-776-2999 Fax 732-775-1782
Timothy Sexsmith, Councilman
Tel Timothy Sexsmith's732-776-2999 Fax 732-775-1782
Alan Gubitosi, Council President
Tel Alan Gubitosi's732-776-2999 Fax 732-775-1782
Randy Bonnell, Councilman
Tel Randy Bonnell's732-776-2999 Fax 732-775-1792
Community Development (Code, Construction, Fire & Zoning)
Name Address Phone
Kathleen Muscillo, Technical Assistant (TACO)
Tel Kathleen Muscillo's732 776-2999 x1016 Fax 732 775-1782
Donald Frangipane, Electrical Inspector
Tel Donald Frangipane's732-776-2999 x1033 Fax 732-775-1782
Dearl Nelson, Code Officer Dearl Nelson'sDirect Fax
Tel Dearl Nelson's732-776-2999 x1033 Fax 732-775-1782
Warren Winch, Plumbing Subcode
Tel Warren Winch's732-776-2999 1033 Fax 732-775-1782
Kenneth Triano, Construction Official, Building Subcode Official
Tel Kenneth Triano's732-776-2999 x1034 Fax 732 775-1782
Don Clare, Electrical Subcode
Tel Don Clare's732-776-2999 x1035 Fax 732-775-1782
Christopher Campion, Fire Subcode
Tel Christopher Campion's732-776-2999 x1037 Fax 732-775-1782
Michael Mulcahy, Zoning Official
Tel Michael Mulcahy's732-776-2999 x1038 Fax 732-775-1782
Ken Child, Asst. Code Official
Tel Ken Child's732-776-2999 x1039 Fax 732-775-1782
Name Address Phone
Paul Capotorto, Judge
701 Main Street, Bradley Beach , NJ 07720 
Tel Paul Capotorto's732 776-2999 x1045
Alexa Sammarco, Violations Clerk
701 MAIN ST, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Alexa Sammarco's7327762999 x1047 Fax 732-897-5813
Cathy Smith, Deputy Court Administrator
701 MAIN ST, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Cathy Smith's732-776-2999 x1048 Fax 732-897-5813
Patricia Megill, Court Administrator
701 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Patricia Megill's732-776-2999 x1045
Finance Department
Name Address Phone
Sandra Rice, CFO
Tel Sandra Rice's732-776-2999 x1014 Fax 732-775-1782
Colleen Castronova, Tax/Sewer Collector
Tel Colleen Castronova's732 776-2999 x1052 Fax 732 775-1782
Planning / Zoning
Name Address Phone
William Psiuk, Planning Board Chairman
Tel William Psiuk's732 776-2999 x1017
Harvey Rosenberg, Board of Adjustment Chairman
Tel Harvey Rosenberg's732-776-2999 Fax 732-775-1782
Kristie Dickert, Secretary
Tel Kristie Dickert's732-776-2999 x1017 Fax 732 775-1782
Professional Appointments
Name Address Phone
Gerald Freda, PE, PP, Borough Engineer- Leon S. Avakian, Inc
788 Wayside Rd., Neptune, NJ 07753 
Tel Gerald Freda, PE, PP's732-922-9229
Public Safety
Name Address Phone
Bradley Beach Police Department,
701 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Bradley Beach Police Department's732 775-6900
Leonard Guida, Chief
Tel Leonard Guida's732 775-6900 x2012
Public Works
Name Address Phone
Dana Mikaitis, Secretary
705 Evergreen Avenue, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 
Tel Dana Mikaitis's732-776-2999 x3101 Fax 732-869-0331
Biagio Cofone, Supt. Public Works
Tel Biagio Cofone's732 776-2999 x3110 Fax 732-869-0331
Patrick Allan, Assist. Supt. Public Works
Tel Patrick Allan's732-776-2999 x3111 Fax 732-869-0331
Andrew Neaves, Sanitation Foreman
Tel Andrew Neaves's732 776-2999 x3112 Fax 732 869-0331
Name Address Phone
Kenneth Walker, Director
Tel Kenneth Walker's732-776-2999 x3210
Tax Assessment Office
Name Address Phone
Eric Aguiar, Tax Assessor
Tel Eric Aguiar's732-776-2999 x1019 Fax 732 775-1782
Tourism Commission
Name Address Phone
Amy Hall, Secretary
Tel Amy Hall's732 776-2999 x1028 Fax 732 775-1782