Bradley Beach

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Borough Ordinances that have been recently approved can be viewed using the "Select Type of News to View" menu on this webpage to select the Ordinance category, which will display for if it contains any content to view.   
The General category will display general news & announcements from the borough.


Release Date: August 27, 2020



August 25, 2020


The Borough is considering tonight via Resolution 2020-214 to extend the summer beach season to September 30, 2020. This means that Monday through Friday there will be no cost to enter the beach after Labor Day, and the Borough will follow its Rough Surf Management procedures and the BBPD/OEM will monitor the beaches, close certain ones down if necessary, but swimming will be allowed unless an imminent storm or danger exist. Signs and flags will be posted to notify beachgoers and swimmers of the current conditions of the various beaches. Also, since there will be no Lifeguards on duty, Monday through Friday’s, the Chief Lifeguard is assembling a Rapid Response Team that will be able to swiftly go into action and respond if there is a swimmer in trouble. During Saturday’s and Sunday’s, there will be the normal fee in effect and the Beach Manager, Lifeguards, Gate Guards and Cashiers will be on duty. The Borough will continue to honor season badges and the sale of daily badges will continue to remain low and sold through Viply.  



The Borough is planning and preparing to apply to the State of NJ, Department of Transportation, Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program. We will be applying under the community improvement activities, specifically: streetscaping and corridor landscaping along Main Street. This will coincide with the recent virtual Walkable Community activity that took place and will enhance approximately four (4) blocks of our Main Street Streetscape with pavers, concrete curb, handicap ramps, crosswalks, street furniture, and lighting. The grant application is estimated to be $1,000,000 dollars with no match required.