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Release Date: March 08, 2021
MARCH 2021

We are glad to bid February goodbye.  The storms were a little rough; but we collectively met the challenge.  Better weather and temperatures ahead!


We received our much anticipated 2019 Financial audit and with that have moved into working on the finalization of our 2020 year-end financial close.  We can then pivot to completing our 2020 Annual Financial Statement.  In parallel, the team is putting together a draft of our 2021 budget, which we hope to complete and gain approval much earlier than last years budget.


We have almost sold out our initial offering of beach badges for this summer.  We continue to be optimistic going into this Summer on a number of fronts.  Following our record beach year in 2020, we will be making investments on our beachfront.  A Beach Planning team assessed a number of refurbishments (boardwalk at Newark Ave., Promenade playground) and enhancements (more handicapped access, water filling stations, bike racks, walkway matting).  We continue to look at more options for badges to make our beaches more accessible.


We’ll be adding about 60 new beach lockers this year- pretty much all the capacity we can handle.  If you are on the wait list, please don’t call the Municipal Building- we will be getting back to you and then announcing that all lockers available are allocated.


With our Zoning and Code Teams in place; and the small team that has been working on improving our ordinances in this area, we hope to take some of the complexity, anxiety, and worry out of the process.  Because of a few unfortunate trips and accidents, we are putting an emphasis on SIDEWALKS.  We are issuing citations with a repair request.  We are also waiving the $200 fee for your permit until May.  You still need to apply for the permit, though- important!


Besides our continuing efforts to improve our beachfront, we have continued to put time and effort into our Main Street strategy. You will see more on this in March and April.


The COVID Pandemic continues to need our vigilance.  The good news is that our active cases have dropped significantly- from about 60 last month to about 15 currently.  Vaccination capacity is improving- keep trying to get signed up. Please TAKE THE PLEDGE to purchase at least once a week from one of our outstanding restaurants in town.

Details on the Borough website (Top right- Things to do tab- then open for business).

Last- March 27th we are having the second annual GREAT FOOD PANTRY PICK-UP, 10:00AM- 2:00 PM.  Let’s break last years record!!  The most generous residents on the Jersey Shore!


Thanks- Talk soon!