Mayor's Message: September 23, 2021

Our “official” Summer season is over. I want to give a few highlighted points on our Badge revenue:

  • Our 2021 revenue was 25% higher than our “normal” 4-year average (from 2016-2019)- a very positive indicator!
  • Our Season badge sales were up 30% even over the 2020 number- another very positive indicator.
  • We’ll be looking at improvements we can make for next season and what investments we can make.

We are in the process of completing the parking and road improvements on the one-block area near Main Street and 2nd/ 3rd Avenue.  The changes yielded a safer condition on both blocks, more spaces (now at 75 delineated spaces), and increased our “green space” in town.  Although there is a change to one-way that we’ll need to adjust to, we believe this is a positive for the community. 

Our thanks to all residents and visitors who participated in the “Light Up the Shore” in honor of the lives lost and the fearless display of heroism by rescue teams and citizens who responded to the tragedy on September 11, 2001. Participation was great.  On Evergreen Avenue, we were fortunate to have a bagpiper play Amazing Grace and God Bless America.

In the coming weeks- lots of infrastructure focus- 2 handicap ramps for our beaches and the replacement of the boardwalk section of our Promenade at the north side of town; and replacement of the Gazebo on Cliff Avenue will be completed this fall.  Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing the Phase 2 sewer project and are finalizing the Bond Ordinance for Council approval.