Mayor's Message: September 29, 2021

Hello Residents- two noteworthy items to report:

It looks like Bradley Beach will have its theater back.  The Cinema Lab Group is working to complete a deal soon; however, contracts have been signed and there is a good probability this will happen! Many thanks should go to former Mayor Gary Engelstad. When the theater closed last fall, he worked to find investors and management groups that might have an interest.  Arianna Bocco, President of IFC films and a resident, also deserves credit for bringing investors and the management team (Cinema Labs) to Bradley Beach.  

At the end of last year, Cinema Labs and the Mayor, Council, Business Administrator, and Borough Attorney met on ways to assist/ facilitate this purchase.  During 2021, I (Mayor Fox) and our Borough Attorney (Greg Cannon) continued to get updates and assist wherever possible. We are looking forward to the theater, now named “The Bradley” coming back next year.  This is a big step in our continued focus on Main Street!

Last week (9/21/21), the Council approved an eight-week comprehensive engineering and architectural study on the former LaReine Avenue Church.  The church was purchased in early 2020 with a view to potentially convert it into a Community Center.  This study will kick-off in early October. The engagement will be managed by T&M Engineering and DIGroup Architecture in concert with the Borough Administrator, Kim Humphrey.  


More to follow shortly on this important study.