Re-Organization Council Meeting

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2022 - 12:00pm
PDF icon 1-1-22_reorg_council_agenda.pdf PDF icon Various Appointment Term Memo PDF icon Yearly Term Appointment Memo PDF icon Ord 2022-1 COLA PDF icon Res 2022-1 Council President Nomination PDF icon Res 2022-2 Temporary Budget 2022 PDF icon Res 2022-3 Temporary Debt Service PDF icon Res 2022-4 Establishing Depositories PDF icon Res 2022-5 Petty Cash Funds PDF icon 2022-6 Change Funds PDF icon Res 2022-7 Tax Interest Grace Period PDF icon Res 2022-8 Cash Management Plan PDF icon Res 2022-9 Establishing Newspapers PDF icon Res 2022-10 Badge Donations to Non-Profit Organizations PDF icon Res 2022-11 Tax Assessor to act as Agent for filing and settling Tax Appeals PDF icon Res 2022-13 Appointing Michele Whille as Public Agency Compliance Officer (PACO) PDF icon Res 2022-14 Bradley Beach Fire Department Officers for 2022 PDF icon 2022-15 Bradley Beach First Aid Squad Officers for 2022 PDF icon 2022-16 Professional Appointment Borough Attorney PDF icon Res 2022-17 Professional Appointment Bond Counsel PDF icon Res 2022-18 Professional Appointment Conflict Counsel PDF icon Res 2022-19 Professional Appointment OPRA Counsel PDF icon Res 2022-20 Professional Appointment Labor Attorney PDF icon Res 2022-21 Professional Appointment Tax Appeal Attorney PDF icon Res 2022-22 Professional Appointment Fair Share Housing Attorney PDF icon Res 2022-23 Professional Appointment Borough Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-24 Special Consultant Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-25 Professional Appointment Coastal Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-26 Professional Appointment Sewer Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-27 Professional Appointment Stormwater Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-28 Zoning Consultant Engineer PDF icon Res 2022-29 Professional Appointment Borough Planner PDF icon Res 2022-30 Professional Appointment Project Architect PDF icon Res 2022-31 Professional Appointment IT Consultant PDF icon Res 2022-32 Professional Appointment Health Benefits Consultant PDF icon Res 2022-33 Professional Appointment Risk Management Consultant PDF icon Res 2022-34 Authorizing Execution of Risk Management Agreement for 2022 PDF icon Res 2022-35 Professional Appointment Financial Advisor PDF icon Res 2022-36 Professional Appointment Prosecutor PDF icon Res 2022-37 Professional Appointment Public Defender PDF icon Res 2022-38 Professional Appointment Public Defender Alternate PDF icon Res 2022-39 Permitting Back In Time Cafe Signage within Riley Park PDF icon Res 2022-40 Adult Seasonal Badge Holiday Discount Extension PDF icon Res 2022-12 Appointing Qualified Purchasing Agent Kimberly M Humphrey File Standing Committee Structure