Curb-Side Recycling Collection

Trash & Recycling Information

Curb-Side Single Stream Recycling  Collection 
Trash & Recycling Information 


Place all your recyclables into one container (12-38 gallon in size) for curb-side collection.  Recycled items are cleaned, processed and re-purposed as new products and by  participating you will help save the planet as well as save thousands in landfill  fees. Ordinance 286-21 (Separation of Recyclable Materials) will be strictly enforced.  Failure to comply will result in a summons. All recyclables must be placed loose in the  authorized container with a secure lid. NO plastic bags! Items that are not recyclable must  be placed with regular trash. Below is a list of accepted and not accepted items for  recycling: 

Accepted Items: 

• Plastic & Glass Containers 
• Labelled number 1 PET bottles – leave caps on the bottles 
• Labelled number 2 HDPE bottles (detergent type bottles) 
• Labelled number 5 PP containers such as: 
• Margarine tubs 
• Baby wipe containers 
• Yogurt cups 
• Empty K-cup Coffee Pods 
• Metal Cans 
• Aluminum cans, tin cans, bi-metal cans 
• Non-hazardous aerosol cans 
• Clean aluminum foil 
• Paper & Cardboard 
• Chipboard (cereal boxes) 
• White and colored paper 
• Junk mail 
• Magazines 
• Soft cover books 
• Newspaper including inserts 
• Flat corrugated cardboard

Not Accepted Items: 

• Ceramics, dishware, glassware 
• Light bulbs 
• LDPE, plastic wrap or bubble wrap 
• Plastic wrap 
• Plastic bags 
• Propane tanks 
• Batteries of any kind 
• Electronic waste such as cell phone 
• Styrofoam 
• Food of any kind 
• Food wrappers; used paper plates, napkins and paper towels 
• Window glass 
• Wire, wire hangers 
• Christmas lights 
• Diapers 
• Motor oil containers 
• Shredded paper 

NEWSPAPER: # 1 Newspapers sold at newsstands may be placed in the Recycling  Containers or tied in bundles and are not to exceed 30 lbs. (No paper or plastic bags will be  accepted.) 

MIXED PAPER: High Grade (computer paper, printouts, tab cards and white paper) may be  placed in the Recycling containers or tied in bundles and are not to exceed 30 lbs. 

SINGLE STREAM: Aluminum cans, tin cans, plastic, newspapers, mixed paper and glass  bottles (all colors) are to be placed into an open study re-useable container, not to exceed  38 gallons with holes in the bottom and put to the curb by 5:00 am the day of  collection. Please keep recyclables clean, dry and rinse out food residue and keep  liquids out of the recycling bin. 

CARDBOARD: Corrugated boxes (un-waxed) must be collapsed, folded and tied securely.  Bundles must be 2' X 2' maximum size and not exceed 30 lbs. 

For more information on what can and should not be put in your curbside recycling container,  please visit

Collection of Plastic Film 

Beginning on November 13, 2019, Bradley Beach launched New Jersey’s first pilot program  for residential curbside recycling of plastic film. The goal of this program is to reduce our  community’s plastic waste by expanding access to recycling options for these materials. 

Until then, the only recycling option for plastic film materials was for residents to drop the  material off at retail stores which participate in a store-drop off recycling program. On  November 13th 2019, Bradley Beach expanded recycling options for our residents by  creating a program to accept plastic film materials as part of our curbside recycling  program. 

Here’s how Bradley Beach residents can participate: The Borough will provide each  household with a “plastic film” recycling bin. On the second Wednesday of every month,  residents can place clean and dry plastic film materials such as grocery bags, plastic  storage bags such as Ziploc®, dry-cleaning bags, etc. and other plastic film into the  container and the material will be picked up for recycling. Should a resident miss putting  the plastic film out on the designated day, it can be brought to the Recycle/Trash Yard  located at 1011 Main St in Bradley Beach on days of operation. Proof of residency is  required. 

With your participation, you can help safeguard our coast and minimize our plastic waste! Questions call 732-776-2999 ext. 3101