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Bradley Beach "Sham" Rocks

March 7, 2019

Feeling Lucky? In celebration of St. Patricks Day and have some fun, there will be a Shamrock Hunt townwide in Bradley Beach!

Starting March 11 and running until the 17th, if you find a painted rock in town (could be anywhere!), you'll win a prize from an outstanding Bradley business. Right now there are 25 rocks up for grabs (and hopefully more to come!)

Here's how it works:

  1. Find a rock in town (painted with a shamrock!)
  2. Turn it over!
  3. Take a photo (preferably of yourself and the rock but feel free to get creative!) and use the hashtag on the backside of the rock to unlock your prize!
  4. Receive further instructions on how to redeem your prize!

Thank you to the following Bradley Beach business for supporting this amazing event:

Panchos and Juanchos
Bamboo Leaf
Patrick Parker Real Estate
Darcy's Tavern
Stockroom Men's Clothing
Stockroom Modern General Store
Jersey Shore Fitness Shop
Tuscany by the Sea
Bradley Brew Project
Ann Bags Boutique
Trax Hair and Nail Salon
Xpressive Hair Salon
Sapphire Holistic Center


We (Heart) Bradley BeachFebruary 13, 2019

With it being Valentines Day, we decided to ask people what they loved the most about Bradley Beach. Below are some of the words shared by those who wanted to let others know why our town is so great!

"I have been going to Bradley Beach since I was six months old. My dream was to one day live there, and I made that happen. It is where I found myself and began to love myself. Visiting the ocean healed me, awaked me, and brought peace into my life. I would not be the person I am today without the time I have spent in Bradley Beach. Although I live an hour and a half away you will still find me every day in the summer on Brinley Ave beach amongst the locals. Bradley Beach will always be my home, no matter where I am."
~ Ashley Navalany

"I grew up in Neptune City and spent every summer day on the beach in Bradley. When I was 16 and got my first job it was at Bagel International in Bradley Beach. I met the man of my dreams and moved to Delaware in 2006. Even though I am 2 hours away that did not stop me from having a destination wedding in Bradley Beach. We were married on 8/1/15 at the gazebo in Bradley it was absolutely beautiful! Bradley will always be my second home!" 
~ Angela Kelsall

"Bradley Beach was and is the perfect town to grow up in. Movies on Friday nights followed by Vic’s Pizza. Saturday mornings at the bowling alley and the ability to skateboard or bike to the beach. Add in 2 Chinese restaurants, 3 convenience stores, a bakery, ice cream shop, and a hometown bar!  Greatest town ever!"
~ Jason Gassman

"I love Bradley Beach because of the warm and wonderful sense of community I have found here, From our easily accessible mayor and council, to our great Police force and Department of Public Works staff, our little borough is well cared for. I love the many volunteers that staff the numerous councils and commissions that are the lifeblood of civic effectiveness and our overall quality of life. I love the merchants who keep Main St. alive and the restaurateurs who bring us food from around the globe. Mostly though I like the diversity of the people, both the year-rounders and our summer visitors that comprise our community... oh yeah, and there is a lovely beach, where I frolic all summer long!"
~ Dan Leyes

"The best “hunting grounds” for sea glass and other cool shells!"
~ Dennis Huntley

"It's just simply... my happy place!"
~ Susan Wasser

"I love BB for the clean beaches and great restaurants!"
~ Joy Cottrell Kingshott

"We love Bradley, this town has supported us since we opened! It's all about the residents."
~ Ann Bags of Bradley Beach

"I grew up here. Loved here. Lost here. Learned here. Every memory of my childhood and all the moments that made me live here in Bradley Beach."
~ Amy Hall