Tax Collector

Assessed Value of your property
Any questions concerning your assessment should be directed to the Tax Assessor. The Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of taxes only.

Your Annual Property Tax Bill
Your annual property tax bill reflects the total annual taxes on the upper portion of the bill. The attached stubs reflect the second ½ of the current year and the 1st ½ of the upcoming year. Adding the stubs together will not show the annual taxes due. The tax bill is calculated when the tax rate for the year is struck. ( normally in June) The ¼ due August and November will equal the balance due based on the new rate after the payments you made in Feb and May have been deducted. The payments due for Feb and May of the following year will always equal ½ of the prior year taxes as a preliminary tax until the rate is struck.

NJ.S.A. 5 April 4, 1964.

Tax and Sewer Payments
The (WIPP) system allows homeowners to pay via e-check or ACH for a nominal fee and also accepts credit/debit card payments. Click Here To Pay Online. Properties that are on an active Tax Sale Listing cannot be paid online. Please contact the tax office for actual figures due prior to making payment.

Direct Withdrawal and ACH Payments

The Tax Collector's office offers direct withdrawals from your checking account.  Due to the allowed grace period…be advised funds must be made available on the 5th day of February, May, August, and November. The link to the Direct Debit/ACH form can be found here. Please attach a voided check and either drop it off or mail it to the Tax Collector's Office. Be advised it is the property owners responsibility to notify the tax/sewer office of any changes in bank account or ownership changes on the property.


Tax bills are due on:
February 1st
May 1st
August 1st
November 1st

Property Tax & Sewer Inquiries

The WIPP system allows people to access tax and utility accounts information online, view the yearly billed taxes and utility, see if accounts are open or paid and obtain assessment, ownership and mailing address information. You can access your account by Name-Address- or Bl and Lot.



Follow this link to available programs through the St of NJ including the Homestead Rebate and the Property Tax reimbursement also referred to as the “Freeze”


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Colleen Castronova Tax / Sewer Collector (732) 776-2999 Ext. 1052